Alive November 2010 Issue

Top 10 Tips to Fight Off Diabetes

Knowledge is your most effective weapon.

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Cold Season Got You Down?

Check out these homeopathic helpers.

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Blood Sugar Limbo

Prediabetes is the period between normal readings and full-blown diabetes.

Page: 36

Beat The Seasonal Blues

Bright ideas for the dark days of winter.

Page: 41


Understanding the causes can help you douse the fire.

Page: 53

Keep on Moving

We're talking about constipation.

Page: 59

Osteopathic Medicine

Might this be your ticket to relief?

Page: 63


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-coping with breathlessness.

Page: 66

Getting Cs and Ds

Making healthy grades with powerhouse vitamins.

Page: 73

Skin TLC

Show your skin some appreciation

Page: 82

Stop Stressing

Top tips for healthy mind management.

Page: 87

Joint-Healthy Exercises

Safe moves to ease osteoarthritis pain.

Page: 94

Cooking up Controversy

Should we worry about using microwave ovens?

Page: 98

The 6 As of Healthy Bereavement

Creating healthy realms of relief while you grieve.

Page: 102

One-pot Wonders

Save time with these appetizing, warming dinners.

Page: 108

Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

Delectable, guilt-free, and perfect for sharing.

Page: 116

Mandarin Appeal

They're sweet, juicy, and super healthy!

Page: 122

10 Spectacular Spices

Add a little zest to your overall health.

Page: 129

Coconut Water

Try this popular-and refreshing-nectar.

Page: 135

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