Alive March 2011 Issue

Real Man Do Yoga

Yoga is still a woman's domain in North America. But more men are discovering the benefits of yoga practice: increased flexability, balance, strength, coordination, and stamina, plus an improved psychological outlook. Maybe it's time to try a downward dog.

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Has Green Come Clean?

We first reported on greenwashing in Alive in April 2009. What's changed since then? Consumer demand is driving manufacturers to create more products that claim to be green, but are they really? We attempt to sort out the truly green from the imposters.

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Boys to Men

From toddlers to the seventies and beyond, simple lifestyle choices can make the difference between good health and poor health. We offer men-and the women in their lives-a simple action plan for ensuring health and vitality throughout the male life span.

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Men-tal Health

Stereotypes and myths die hard, especially societal beliefs that tell us a 'real' man should be able to handle any situation on his own. We bust five mental health myths and provide resources for men who need a helping hand.

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Sleepless in Canada

Over 3 million Canadians report they have problems getting enough sleep. A regular lack of sleep can lead to short-and long-term health problems. When insomnia is a problem, natural sleep aids may provide temporary relief.

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Drug-Induced Nutritional Deficiency

Bombarded with information about medications' side effects, we're often not told about the nutritional deficiencies that some medications create. It's important to know what supplements to take to maintain optimal health when on medication.

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Fitness Myths

We debunk six popular fitness myths. Discover whether you've bought into some fitness beliefs that may be doing you more harm than good when working out. We also explore the claims, the risks, and the research on exercise supplements.

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Going all the Way

The comb-over's out; the shaved head is in! Thanks to celebrities and atheletes who have embraced baldness, the bare head is now considered 'a statement of confidence.' We offer some shaving tips and skin care tricks to help men go all the way.

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Homemade-and Man-Made

Recipes for healthy comfort foods that men-and women-will love.

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Exotic Beauties

A guide to some mysterious new fruits popping up in your produce department.

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'A' is for Antioxidant

8 antioxidant-packed foods-and recipes that showcase them.

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Where's the Organic Beef?

We explore what goes into the production of the meat on your plate.

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Think Green

Our dark leafy green recipes provide potent vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

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On the Bookshelf

Page: 124

The Latest Word-on the Newest Research

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