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Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate on May 5th! Our Mexican feast features healthy, fresh ingredients.

5 years ago | 4 Likes | 0 | May 2011 Issue
The Pathway to Detox The Pathway to Detox

Detoxification often focuses on our largest visceral organ: the liver. The amazing liver breaks down toxins in a two-step detoxification process. To optimize the body's own cleansing system, we require proper nutritional support.

5 years ago | 0 Likes | 0 | May 2011 Issue
Kettlebell Training Kettlebell Training

originating in Russia in the 1700s, kettlebells lokked like a black cast iron cannonball with a handle. Today's versions come in a rainbow of colours, but the benefits of working out with a kettlebell remain the same: increased functional strength, endurance, and power.

5 years ago | 1 Likes | 0 | April 2011 Issue
Tai Chi & Health Tai Chi & Health

Modern research confirms what ancient Chinese practitioners knew all along: tai chi confers a myraid of health benefits. Its gentle movements can be done by people of all ages and fitnes abilities to improve balance and reduce stress.

5 years ago | -2 Likes | 0 | April 2011 Issue
Real Man Do Yoga Real Man Do Yoga

Yoga is still a woman's domain in North America. But more men are discovering the benefits of yoga practice: increased flexability, balance, strength, coordination, and stamina, plus an improved psychological outlook. Maybe it's time to try a downward dog.

5 years ago | -9 Likes | 0 | March 2011 Issue
Has Green Come Clean? Has Green Come Clean?

We first reported on greenwashing in Alive in April 2009. What's changed since then? Consumer demand is driving manufacturers to create more products that claim to be green, but are they really? We attempt to sort out the truly green from the imposters.

5 years ago | 3 Likes | 0 | March 2011 Issue
The Power of Social Circles The Power of Social Circles

Socail circles used to involve face-to-face get-togethers with people we knew. Today's online social networks include people we've never met who can provide support to help us quit smoking, lose weight, improve our fitness, and cope with illness.

5 years ago | 1 Likes | 0 | February 2011 Issue
The Cholesterol Story The Cholesterol Story

LDL is bad, HDL is good-but that's not all there is to know about cholesterol. Our liver makes the majority of cholesterol, but the foods we eat and the supplements we take also help to increase or decrease cholesterol levels.

5 years ago | 1 Likes | 0 | February 2011 Issue
Vitamin K Vitamin K

This largely unknown and underappreciated vitamin is gaining some notoriety with recent research findings. Vitamin K is the unsung hero of bone health and healthy circulation. Are you getting enough vitamin K?

5 years ago | -7 Likes | 0 | January 2011 Issue
From Confusion to Clarity From Confusion to Clarity

Many people are consulting life coaches to help them simplify life's complexities: from choosing a new career to starting a new business to figuring out what's missing in their lives. How do life coaches help, and how do you find one who can work with you?

5 years ago | -9 Likes | 0 | January 2011 Issue
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