Battered and Blue

29 October 2010 | In Women | Main Line Today October 2010 issue
Written by: Dawn Warden
Battered and Blue Alex Wake. Ellen Gregory Robb. Fred Robinson. Deborah French. The names may be unfamiliar to you, but not to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. And until they became statistics, the only thing these four individuals had in common was their Main Line zip codes.

In 2002, Wake, a freshman at the Baldwin School, was killed with her mother and grandmother in a senseless act of domestic violence in Ardmore. Four years later, Robb was brutally murdered by her husband while wrapping Christmas presents in the kitchen of her Wayne home. A Haverford School student at the time, Robinson was shot by his father in 2008, then witnessed his dad fatally shoot his mother and himself Robin son survived - but that wasn’t the case for French, a Devon resident strangled to death that same year by her boyfriend while she was house-sitting.

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