Billboard 9 April 2011 Issue

Get in the Game

Even if you have no idea what an API is, you can still maneuver through the social media/commerce playing field. Five social media services that labels, managers, promoters and artists should be talking-now

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Let it Bleed

Alison Mosshart returns to the Kills after a stint with Jack White.

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Seeding the Cloud

Amazon's Cloud Drive brings online music lockers to the mainstream, but legal questions remain.

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On the Road

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Digital Entertainment

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Q&A: Jim Lucchese

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They produce the songs that make the whole world sing-and dance, and mosh, and head-bob, and do the country two-step. RedOne and 10 other producers who rule the music universe.

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Untamed Heart

Singer, songwriter, author, dramatist, actor-Steve Earle is walking the lines.

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6 Questions: K.D. Lang

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Happening Now

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Over the Counter

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