BlackBook 1 November 2010 Issue

Unclose Your Ears

Rosario Dawson channels her inner activist with a list of 10 call-to-arms anthems.

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Face The Music

Look, we're not saying she's Rachmaninov, but music snobs can go fuck themselves: Ke$ha knows her way around a dance track (and a dumpster), and we love her for it.

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Not an Editor's Letter

International icon Bianca Jagger recalls the moment that changed her life, and the causes that now define it.

Page: 14


Spice up sweet November with these impossible-to-ignore events.

Page: 20


Take a hands-on approach to better living with a new pack of empowering apps.

Page: 22

Screen Play

Bella makes some ugly choices in "Welcome to the Rileys", while the bighearted "Tiny Furniture" makes a play for mainstream recognition.

Page: 24

Liner Notes

Animal Collective's Avey Tare flies solo, while The Concretes tap into their softer side.

Page: 25


Never mind their confrontational name. Los Angeles-based rock quartet Warpaint thinks life is like a box of chocolates.

Page: 26

Needful Things

Louis Vuitton's Africa-inspired duffel and Ferragamo's charitable new shoe line make emptying your savings account seem like a pretty good idea.

Page: 28

Heads Will Roll

Brains are the new blood when AMC takes the zombie genre to new heights with "The Walking Dead". Suck on that, vampires!

Page: 30

Beauty Junkie

Who knew you could save the world with cosmetics? Well, we did.

Page: 32

Good Night Mr.Lewis

With the recent reinvigoration of Don Hill's, nightlife heavyweights Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan save New York's club scene-yet again.

Page: 36

The Year of The Jackal

Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez was behind an OPEC raid, a series of spoiled bombings, and at least a few murders. But this month, with the release of "Carlos", he'll also make actor Edgar Ramirez a star.

Page: 40

The Holy Mountain

A lone drifter storms the desert in fall's most rugged fashions.

Page: 62


Fashion designer and Humane Society supporter Charlotte Ronson takes us on a tour of her New York.

Page: 76


From the glittering deserts of Dubai to the throbbing beaches of Miami, a worldwide rundown of the new need-to-know hotspots.

Page: 78

Sunset Strip

Photographer Antoine Vergias has made his career photographing staggeringly gorgeous supermodels-often in the buff.

Page: 86

Industry Insiders

his month's power players-a coffee connoisseur and a Meatpacking magnate among them-are leading the revolution against cookie-cutter nightlife.

Page: 88

The Black List

She's baaack! Charmed and 90210 badass Shannen Doherty takes aim at 10 things she hates.

Page: 96

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