Computer Shopper February 2011 Issue

Up Close & Personal

Spam emails, phone calls and junk mail abound these days. Julian Prokaza reveals how to keep your personal details-and the companies that hold them-in check

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When Computers Go Wrong

Computer error is the ultimate excuse for anything that goes wrong. Mike Bedford seeks out the stories behind the most catastrophic glitches

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PC & Laptops

Can a dual-core processor make Samsung's NF210 netbook the best yet?

Page: 14


Tablets from Samsung and ViewSonic, plus TomTom's flagship satnav

Page: 24

Printers & Scanners

We test new laser printers from Oki and Brother

Page: 30


Find out if Asus's 3D monitor is worth the price premium

Page: 32


Can Panasonic's ultra-zoom surpass the outgoing model?

Page: 36


Store and stream with Western Digital's ultimate media player

Page: 38


We try new MP3 players from Philips and Sandisk

Page: 40


LaCie's stunning-value USB3 portable disk, and Western Digital's massive 3TB drive

Page: 42


We put the latest powerline networking kit to the test

Page: 44

Anti-Virus Suites

Find out which security suite offers the best protection from Internet nastiest. We test 14 packages with live viruses to find out which is the most effective at detecting and killing them

Page: 68

Budget PCs

This month, we review 10 PCs that offer incredible value for £550. You'll be surprised by just how fast and feature-packed they are. If you don't need a monitor, prices start at just £426.

Page: 78

LCD Monitor

There's never been a better time to upgrade or add a second monitor to your PC, with prices starting from just £100 for a 22in Full HD monitor. We've feasted our eyes on 15 displays from 22in to 27in

Page: 90

Inkjet Printers

Printing photos at home is convenient and fast. We put 10 of the latest models-most of them multifunction peripherals-through their paces and tell you which is best for you

Page: 102

Taking Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. Simon Handby reveals how modern designers use graphics and animations to convey complex ideas simply

Page: 120

Making your Website Local

Does your website appear in Google local search correctly? David Ludlow explains how to use Google's tools to maximise your ranking

Page: 134

Improve Photos in Photoshop Elements

Tim Smalley shares his top 10 tips for using Photoshop Elements. With these in your hands, you'll be a master photo editor in no time

Page: 136

Installing Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Is your netbook a little sluggish? David Ludlow takes you step-by-step through the process of installing the latest Netbook Edition of Ubuntu

Page: 138

Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is a great operating system for a NAS, but David Ludlow has some tips on getting much more out of it. Find out how to add extra storage and back up your computers

Page: 140

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