Computer Shopper March 2011 Issue

Ultimate Jargon Buster

Ever struggled to understand how a PC's components and interconnections work together? Jim Martin brings clarity to it all with this practical guide to technical jargon.

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When in Roam

New EU laws mean that data and voice roaming charges on mobile phones will be cheaper. Maggie Holland finds out what the new rules mean for you and your wallet.

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PCs & Laptops

We find out if Dell's Tablet is the best Windows model yet.

Page: 16


Advent's Vega: a £250 rival to the iPad.

Page: 28

Printers & Scanners

We test Advent's first wireless multifunction printer.

Page: 32


Samsung's 24in TV/monitor.

Page: 34


We find out how good the new Pentax DSLR really is.

Page: 38


At last-the world's first Freeview HD USB tuner.

Page: 40

Laptop Megatest

If you're not sure what kind of laptop suits your needs, we can help. This month we've reviewed nine models that cost around £550 and nine that cost around £750, so you can find your perfect notebook.

Page: 70

Media Streamers

If your PC is packed with music, photos and videos that you rarely look at, a media streamer would enable you to enjoy all your media in the comfort of your living room. We've reviewed 10 models starting at less than £100, so there's something for every budget.

Page: 90

Keyboards and Mice

The keyboard and mouse are still the main way most of us control our computers, so it's essential that you have a comfortable set. This month we try out 12 keyboard and mouse sets, plus six gaming mice to help gamers improve their skills.

Page: 102

The Outer Limits

With hardware getting faster and software getting smarter, is there any limit to the computer's potential? Mike Bedford finds out what problems the machines can never solve.

Page: 116

Master Google Webmaster Tools

Matt Preston shows you how Google Webmaster Tools can help you manage your website and improve your search ranking to bring in more hits

Page: 132

Speed up your Photo Editing

Jim Martin helps you speed up your photo editing with essential tips and shortcuts for Adobe's Photoshop Elements, With these tips, you'll achieve professional results faster.

Page: 134

Configure the Netbook Edition

David Ludlow concludes his guide to the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu with a tour of the new interface and a complete guide on how to use the new features.

Page: 136

Windows Home Server Part 2

David Ludlow explains how to install plug-ins for Windows Home Server to extend its capabilities and make it a lot more power efficient

Page: 140

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