Country Living 1 February 2011 Issue

A Revealing Nature

Stripped of bold hues, Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman's San Francisco Victorian shows its true colors-both inside and out.

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How the West was Reinvented

Montana cabins tend to sport dark, heavy decor, but Jeanne and Paul Moseley defied the stereotype with a white color scheme and a healthy sense of humor.

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The New Way to Do Lace

This delicate white fabric surprises, as a graphic motif on everything from plates to rugs.

Page: 29

Coming up Roses

These beauty products smell as sweet as a Valentine's Day bouquet, but last a heckuva lot longer.

Page: 32

Dry Wit

Add a bit of colorful humor to even the most neutral kitchen with clever utensil-themed dish towels.

Page: 35

Pretty Little Pedestral Tables

These handy stands are sure to make any room more hospitable.

Page: 36

What is it? What is it Worth?

A tag-sale paperweight valued at $350, midcentury cocktail napkins, and more.

Page: 48

Get Crafty!

Cheap and cheerful valentines, a fresh take on family portraits, and one heartfelt sweater.

Page: 63

Hardware-Store Decor

How to transform workaday materials into striking home accessories.

Page: 66

The Best of Brattleboro, Vermont

This New England town boasts skiing, shopping, and seriously good Cheddar.

Page: 73

Ask a Country Vet

Dr. Rob Sharp on determing a turtle's gender, how to handle feline fur-shedding, and more.

Page: 80

Real Estate Sampler

These historic log cabins offer rustic simplicity-and modern comfort.

Page: 92

The Insider's Guide to Decorating with White

Three interior designers-each with a distinctive take on this versatile hue-demystify the process.

Page: 104

In Praise of Potatoes

Versatile, delicious-not to mention downright cheap-spuds go from humble to decadent in these satisfying dishes.

Page: 118

More is More (as Long as the Palette's Minimal)

Sticking to neutral shades allows Joanna Madden to pile on the collectibles in her family's Point Pleasent, New Jersey, home.

Page: 126

Shop Guide

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By Loretta Ponders Posted on 25 February 2011

Is there anything that can be added to my felines food or anything that can be applied to her fur to help keep down her fur shedding?

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