Face The Music

11 November 2010 | In Men | BlackBook 1 November 2010 issue
Written by: Jessica Pilot
Face The Music Love her or hate her, with an ever-growing collection of irresistible dance anthems, Ke$ha is putting her money where her dirty mouth is. Jessica Pilot gets inked by pop's anti-princess.

Naked save for a pair of cowboy boots, an American flag-patterned jacket, and some glitter on her cheeks, Kesha Rose Sebert sinks into a couch in her dressing room and ponders the concept of money. “It comes and goes, and it buys you shit' says the 23-year-old pop sensation known to the public as Ke$ha. “But it's a manmade creation, so I don't let it rule my life.” Then she grins, flashes her wide blue eyes, and says, “I am fucking money.”

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TAGS: Celebrity, Music
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