Fido Friendly 1 November 2010 Issue

Pet Nutrition: Toxic Foods

Some people-foods can cause extreme health problems if consumed by pets

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Which Doggy in the Window?

New year, new best friend. Find out how to tell which dog is the best fit in your life

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Show us your Tails

We've seen Fido's tongues; now check out the winning tails

Page: 20

Tame your Poison

What's sweet smelling and appealing to Fido, yet so toxic even a small amount can be fatal?

Page: 28

Dinner Time Has Become the Battle of Wills

Table scraps can lead to Fido yaps. Learn how to curb this recipe for disaster

Page: 30

Hand Over your Leash

Do Fido's ears hold the secrets to helping you improve your human relationships?

Page: 32

There are No Borders to Love

Crossing the borderline for a second chance: Fido finding forever homes

Page: 34

My Business Has Gone to the Dogs

Fido Friendly sits down with Austin Rose, an environmentally conscious company

Page: 36

Geez's Charlotte Ross

Snuggling up with operation blankets of love

Page: 40

Fido's First Aid Kit

Must-haves to pack and must-dos to know when Fido is faced with a boo boo

Page: 54

$ 500,000 Dream Dog Park

One man's vision reshapes a community

Page: 56

Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom

Hope for the holidays (and year-round) for anyone who's loved and lost

Page: 58

Camping with Fido

Learn how to ruff it with Fido in the great outdoors

Page: 59

Fare Well at the Maxwell

Perks to the works, lay back to the "Max" in this northwestern find

Page: 72

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

Helen Woodward on a mission to save lives

Page: 82

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