Fido Friendly 1 May 2011 Issue

Luxury Cottages

Mid-Coast Maine is full of paws-ibilities.

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Belly up to the Bar, Bowser

Five Fido-friendly Seattle bars.

Page: 80 | 14 Likes | 0

Show us your Tongues

Fido's fifty fave tongues on display.

Page: 20

Crate & Garden

Spaw-tastic indoor spas for Fido's inner Zen puppy; Good fences make safe dog neighbors.

Page: 22

Pet Nutrition

Make it and bake it for Fido from scratch.

Page: 26

The Doc is in

Expert advice for ailing joints.

Page: 28

Bowser on a Budget

Save cha-ching on doggy bling.

Page: 30

Training 101

Come back with our off-leash recall methods.

Page: 32

Adoption Story

A journey to freedom for beagles sprung from laboratories.

Page: 34

Leashes & Lovers

Cohesive cohabiting for canines merging doghouses.

Page: 36

Life is a Highway

Every stage and every age, traveling with dogs.

Page: 66

Fido Al Fresco

'Bone' appetit with a three-course meal and four-paw crowd.

Page: 68

Inn by the Sea

Private beach, eco-friendly resort and red carpet treatment ala Maine.

Page: 70

Puttin' on the Ritz

Fido puts the glitz in New York's Ritz Carlton.

Page: 72

Heathman Kirkland

Luxury awaits in Kirkland, Washington.

Page: 78

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