Good Housekeeping February 2011 Issue

Lower your Blood Pressure-Naturally

The right foods, drinks, and moves (some even done on the coach) can get your numbers to normal in just three months.

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Love Medicine

When an adoptive parent sent her son back to Russia, our reporter (an adoptive mom, too) asked, Could this story have had a different ending?

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The Good List

Treats just for you, all under $40 (on free!)

Page: 22

Rethink your Food Storage

Page: 31

Ask Heloise

Rust stain on porcelain. How to remove excess furniture polish...more

Page: 34

Total Time Savers

Wish a down comforter. Store what in the Freezer? Rubber gloves for grip.

Page: 37

Idea File

Eco-chic carrier. Try this trend: hammered metal. Model home decor...more.

Page: 43

Good (Enough) Entertaining

One-step servers. Sweet-talking centerpiece...more

Page: 47

Low-Fat vs Low-Carb

Page: 51

I Love my Valentine

Movie-night makeover. Heart-healthy Valentine's Day dinner...more

Page: 52

The Drinking Dilemma

Is alchohol healthy-or not? Here, the sober truth.

Page: 55

Drop 5 lbs

Lift (light) weights. Read food labels to slim down. Skinny dips for chips...more

Page: 56

Gwyneth Lets her Guard Down

Gwyneth Paltrow on raising two spirited kids, wrangling the tough stuff in marriage-and how a letter from her dad guides her.

Page: 128

Modern Romance

Forget frilly and fussy. These to-sigh-for interiors are all about celebrating cozy charm and comfort

Page: 136

Now & Later

Stretch the season-and your savings-with four weather-friendly pieces that take your style from winter through to spring

Page: 140

Cook Like a Chef

With these five shortcut secrets and time-saving techniques, you can make dinners that rival any restaurant pro's

Page: 146

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