Islands 1 April 2011 Issue

The Other Samoa

Flying foxes, close families and the world's cleanest air are found on a United States territory deep in the Pacific-and we aren't talking about Hawaii.

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Romantic Getaways

Relief little palm island, Florida

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Best Shot

Page: 16

First Person

Page: 18

Live the Life

Page: 20

Travel Tales

Page: 22

America's Distant South

On the edge of the South Carolina and Georgia coasts is an exotic microculture of faraway languages, foods and traditions.

Page: 28

My Scottish Rite

His entire life Jad Davenport thought he was Scottish. And then came a shocking discovery. So can a man change his ancestry? He's about to find out.

Page: 48

Layover Remedies

Cruise to Moorea. Walk in the shadow of London's Big Ben. Snorkel in a little-known cove on the Caymans. Or slump in an airport for six hours.

Page: 58

Travel Guides

Page: 82

Guess What's Next

Page: 88

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