Lucid Media October 2010 Issue

Highlights of the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival

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Horror for Horror's Sake

"It's kind of weird because even though our show is a supernatural show, in a lot of ways it's almost a different genre than shows like Supernatural or Buffy"

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Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning

Page: 4

Jayson Mewes

Page: 10

Bedouin Soundclash: on their Five-Year-Plan

Page: 14

Dream in High Park: in Fair Verona

Page: 24

It's Kind of a Funny Story Interview

Page: 30

Cirque Eloize: iD

Page: 34

Ian Orti Interview

Page: 40

Crumb a Film by Terry Zwigoff

Page: 50

Internet Television

Page: 56

It Feels so Good When I Stop

Page: 62

NEeMA a World Traveler Comes Homes

Page: 66

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