Modern Railways April 2011 Issue

Britannia Bridge Job Could Finish Early

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Fuelling the Argument

Is energy-saving driving consistent with the maximisation of capacity?

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Rail Freight

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Why we Need HS2

A special Modern Railways report on high-speed rail in Britain

Page: 43

Hammond Launches HS2 Consultation

The Transport Secretary sets out the Government's case for the high-speed rail network.

Page: 44

High Speed Rail Summit

The High Speed Rail Summit: UK debate on the political and engineering challenges

Page: 52

HS2-Liberating Local and Regional Services

Use of the capacity released by HS2 is a key project benefit, says a Greengauge 21 study

Page: 60

North London Improvement Complete

An upgrade of track and signalling on the east-west is finished

Page: 75

The Sun Rises Over a New King's Cross

A new concourse is taking shape on the west side of the terminus

Page: 78

John Lewis Anchors Birmingham Gateway

An upgraded New Street station will be in the van of urban regeneration

Page: 82

Stage is Set for Tenth Railtex Show

A major exhibition is planned in London in June

Page: 85

'395s' to Serve Maidstone

Javelins will reach Maidstone West in May

Page: 92

Europe View

Page: 96

UK Power Exported

An extract from Colin J. Marsden's new 2011 ABC Rail Guide

Page: 104

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