Modern Railways May 2011 Issue

Regions Press for Fair Shares

The pressure group pteg sets out its stall

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Serving the North

IRO presentation on Northern Rail

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Rail Freight

Page: 12

Infrastructure News

Page: 16


Page: 18

Blood and Custard

Page: 40

Manchester Hopeful on the 'Hub'

A green light for the Ordsall Lane chord gives cause for optimism

Page: 50

Leeds Resurgent

The prospect of Class 322s gives comfort in West Yorkshire

Page: 56

The Timetable Formerly Known as Eureka!

The four-hour 'Flying Scotsman' is the highlight

Page: 64

A Lament for Lincoln

There is to be no all-day through London service after all

Page: 70

Against the Odds

NXEA may not be on the renewal shortlist, but it has managed to increase capacity on the route

Page: 74

Europe View

Page: 80

Moving Wheels

Page: 84

Railtex Preview

Rolling stock products on show this June

Page: 88

Recruitment Ads

Page: 93

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