More 1 February 2011 Issue

Canada's Queens of Comedy: Love to Laugh?

Seriously funny ladies tackle age spots, parenthood, dating Yoda and beating a speeding ticket

Page: 86 | -2 Likes | 0

Cardiac Attest

Time to have a heart-to-heart about your ticker

Page: 104 | -4 Likes | 0

Heart on her Sleeve

Mary Walsh has her heart on her sleeve, plus V-Day gifts

Page: 19

The Enigmatic Queen

The real queen of the Nile; tales of passion

Page: 24

Royal Romance

A royal match made in Africa, and romantic escapes

Page: 26

Heart-Healthy Results with Becel Pro-Activ

Page: 28

Show yourself you Care

Be your own best Valentine

Page: 30

This is what 42 Looks Like

Page: 35

Smart Shopper

One piece we love worn four ways; The LBD as fashion chameleon

Page: 36

Lovin' the Dark

Lovin' the dark: Black is back in soft relief

Page: 40

Bourdoir Beauty

Bourdoir beauty: Get in the mood with sultry scents and passionate pinks

Page: 42

Love your Grey

Love your grey: A return to your roots

Page: 44

Beauty Editor's Notebook

Vanessa's picks: Favourite bronzers, at-home laser hair removal and the salon route to smooth locks

Page: 46

Hot off the Shelf

What's hot off the shelf

Page: 48

Reaching to the Choir

Reaching to the choir: If music be the food of love, sing on!

Page: 50

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