More 1 April 2011 Issue

Swiss Miss

K. Jill Rigby steps back in time to reunite with old friends (and one former lover), reconnect with her favourite landscape and rediscover lost youth

Page: 92 | -1 Likes | 0

Foods that Fight Belly Fat

Ingredients that fend off a bulging muffin top

Page: 108 | 0 Likes | 0

Who, What, When, Where and Wow

Opera diva Sondra Radvanovsky; marital advice for Kate and Will

Page: 29

Travel News

Out on a limb in B.C., plus savvy spending tips

Page: 34


The new 'natural'. Agelessness

Page: 52

Second Acts

Home care: Cyrese Samuel puts her flair for interior design to good use

Page: 58


10 smart ways to spend your new-found money

Page: 62

A Family Falling-out

It's never too late to fix the broken ties that bind

Page: 66

My Colonoscopy

During a recent visit to the doctor, and subsequent trip down memory lane, Gail Kerbel learns the true meaning of inner beauty

Page: 70

The Doyennes of Divorce

Meet three women who are remapping the road to Splitsville, and helping others along the way

Page: 74

Modern Revival

More asked three of Canada's top vintage dealers how to usher retro finds into the fast-fashion present

Page: 78

Practice Makes Perfect

A surgeon in stilettos on her hit show, Private Practice, Kate Walsh takes off her shoes and opens up about her unusual childhood, her tabloid divorce and what it's like to be the hardest-working perfume mogul in show business

Page: 86

Losing your Ab Flab

Tone your tummy without performing a single sit-up

Page: 105

Saving Energy

Geri Savits-Fine looks beyond her Western frame of mind to consider a different kind of healing

Page: 111

More Over

Hen lit: Chick lit grows up and comes home to roost

Page: 121

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