NZ Lifestyle Block May 2011 Issue

Hedgehogs: Friend or Foe?

Hedgehogs present a prickly problem on the lifestyle block, being both garden friend and foe.

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Great Fruit

Marmalade from great fruit

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Country Calendar

Page: 6

Lots of Room at the Inn

Ever thought about running a B&B? What you need to know before you serve breakfast.

Page: 10

Be in to Win!

Artist Aaron Spencer, in conjuction with NZ Lifestyle Block wants to immortalise your favourite animal in a stunning oil painting.

Page: 15

16 Tips for Choosing a Wood Burner

There's nothing cosier than curling up in front of a hot fire, but there's a lot to factor in when it comes to finding the perfect hearth.

Page: 22

Make it yourself: Hot Little Number

Page: 32

The Good Life: DIY Building Design Basics

Page: 33

Tales of a Country Vet: Good Golly Miss Molly

Page: 36

Who is the Rarest of them all?

The rarest breed of farm livestock is a very special animal teetering on the edge of extinction.

Page: 42

In the Orchard

Zen and the art of chainsaw maintenance

Page: 51

Organic Garden

Adaptation on an organic nut farm

Page: 58

Down on the Farm

Breed society life

Page: 62

Your Poultry

A great little producer

Page: 66

A Country Life

A particularly psycho pheasant

Page: 80

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