Natural Health April 2011 Issue

How Can I Rev up my Sex Drive?

Reclaim your flagging desire with these natural libido boosters.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Just because your family health tree is ripe with lots of scary diseases doesn't mean your future will be filled with doctor's appointments. Here's how to take control of your medical destiny.

Page: 66 | 50 Likes | 1

Straight to the Heart

Page: 10

What's in your Water?

Page: 15

Scents and Sensibility

Page: 20

Naturally Flea-Free

Page: 24

Spoiler Alert

Page: 32

For the Love of Pie

Page: 34

Give yourself a Hand

Page: 38

Green Day

Page: 44

Feeling the Burn?

Page: 50

The Cheapskate's Guide to a Greener Home

Experts fear that if we don't start changing our consumption habits, running out of the Earth's resources is inevitable. The good news? Every little effort to get greener counts.

Page: 58

Mexican Makeover

Forget calorie-laden chimichangas and fat-filled nachos. Traditional Mexican dishes are fresh, flavorful and good for you, too.

Page: 72

Night + Day

Giving your skin and hair the right attention at the right time can make a big difference. Here's how to time your beauty rituals.

Page: 78

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