Perpetual Motion

13 December 2010 | In Men | Men's Health 1 January 2011 issue
Written by: Dan Jones
Perpetual Motion Up and coming star Cam Gigandet, of Twilight fame, has built the best physique in Hollywood-and he doesn't even have a gym membership. Here's how his all-action approach to life can transform your body in 2011-making you fitter, leaner and less stressed

A friend has seen Cam Gigandet out running, pounding the pavements in his adopted home of Los Angeles. He hears we're meeting up, and is insistent: find out who his personal trainer is! The man is in ridiculous shape! Thanks to a promising start in Hollywood hits Never Back Down and Twilight, Gigandet has managed to make a name for himself both as a no-holds-barred tough guy and teenage heart-throb. But now he's ready to take his career to the next level. And the roles are coming in thick and fast.

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TAGS: Body shaping
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By Marty Samson Posted on 1 December 2011

Another perpetual motion machine. What do you think of this one?

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