RC Heli magazine May 2011 Issue

First Person Video Heli Aerobatics

One hell of a ride!

Page: 50 | 2 Likes | 0

Blade Stop Auto

Maybe we should have said 'Do not try this at home'.

Page: 96 | -2 Likes | 0

The Next Frontier

Page: 10

Cobra Command

What is new in the world of RC?

Page: 12


We've got you inside.

Page: 20

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We have answers.

Page: 24

Brushless Motors

Several brushless motors to choose from.

Page: 29

MP80G Brushless Servo

I got a hook up in Japan!

Page: 32

Linear Servos

What is controlling your ultra micro?

Page: 36

Fuel Pumps

Pump it up!

Page: 40

Rotorhead Balancing

Page: 55

Vibe 50 Nex

Page: 60

Fusion 50

Page: 78

Tennis Racket Effect

Page: 89

Official magazine’s website: http://www.rchelimag.com/

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