Right On! 1 December 2010 Issue

Gloss: It's not just for the Lips

Live out your own fairy tale with these 12 beauty enhancers that are sure to turn any frog into your Prince Charming.

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Men Behaving Badly

"Sex Drive", "Menage a Trois", and "Doggystyle", are just three reasons Pretty Ricky's self-titled third album is even more raw and uncut than ever before, but can the grindin' boy band known for baby mommas and viral videos featuring red speedos show off thier softer side? Danica Daniel investigates in this in-depth interview.

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The Jump-off: White Trash

Danica speaks her mind.

Page: 8

Best Dressed

Alicia Keys runs circles around the competition. Amerie is turning heads.

Page: 16

Worst Dressed

Kanye West wears his worst accessories. Lady Gaga is a Disney Diva.

Page: 18

Contest! Rockstar Mentality

Enter to win the new limited edition, Rock band unplugged sony playstation portable entertainment pack and party like a rock star.

Page: 25

10 White Hot Artists to Watch in 2010

Audiopush, Kristina Debarge, Huey, Paradiso girls, Lmfao, Rich girl, Wale, etc. are about to blow up.

Page: 26

An Army of One

Rapper Soulja Boy is ready to take over the schoolyard with these rebellious looks.

Page: 70

Quiz: Are you One of the Guys?

Can you hang with the gents and still hold on to your feminine side or did you run from the fellas when you heard that boys don't cry?

Page: 78

Black Summers ' Night

What do Karina Pasian, Dondria and dj Boogie have in common? A style that is sure to warm up any cold winter's night! Check out these looks for ways to keep your style scorching.

Page: 84

Michael Jackson: Life after Death

Is there life after death? There's no denying it for the King of Pop. From new songs and film footage to fresh scandals and family feuds, MJ is still making headlines. But will he be remembered for the music or the mayhem?

Page: 94

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