Soap Opera Digest 11 January 2011 Issue

David's Real Shooter Revealed on All my Children!

Trigger points: Kendall (Minshew) was No.1 with the bullet that left David (Vincent Irizarry) comatose.

Page: 6 | 3 Likes | 0

Young & Restless's Daisy Escapes, then Gives Birth!

Delivery girl: Despite painful contractions, Daisy (Yvonne Zima) goes on the run.

Page: 8 | 3 Likes | 0

Bell Back on Young & Restless

Page: 4

One Life to Live: Labor Pains for Natalie and Jessica

Page: 9

Days's Sami: up to her Old Tricks

Page: 10

Bold & Beautiful's Amber is Pregnant

Page: 11

Comings and Goings

Page: 12

Hot Plots Preview!

Page: 14

Extra! Extra!

Page: 16

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