The Art of Healing 1 March 2011 Issue

The Skill of Self-Love

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Full-Spectrum Wellness

The next time you look in a minor, let your eyes see everything, do not limit focus to that body labeled with your personal name. Your real body, your whole body, is the Universe itself. When you look at the world, you are seeing yourself reflected.

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A new paradigm in Nutritional Medicine

Page: 22

Mental Health, Addictions and Anthroposophical Medicine

Page: 26

The Limits of Knowledge

Excerpt from Augustus Finds Serenity

Page: 32

Being Woman

Page: 34

Touching the Roof of Heaven

Page: 36

Mantra, the Power of the Word

Ecserpt from Happy for No Good Reason

Page: 40

My Story

Tammara Nix

Page: 42

The Golden Door Review

Page: 46

Treatment Review

Page: 49

Nutritious Recipes

Page: 50

Crystal Healing


Page: 52

Astrologically Speaking

Page: 54

Artist Profile

Page: 56

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