The Economist 9 April 2011 Issue

Regional Integration in Latin America: the Pacific Players Go to Market

An incipient new club proclaims that Brazil is not South America's only game

Page: 41 | -2 Likes | 0

The Battle for Libya: Time is Running out for Muammar Qaddafi

Despite some success on the battlefield, the Libyan regime appears to be more beleaguered than ever

Page: 50 | 69 Likes | 0

Pensions: 70 or Bust!

Page: 13

Portugal: the Third Bail-out

Page: 14

Gendercide in India: Add Sugar and Spice

Page: 15

The Budget: the Real Fight Begins

Page: 31

Jobs Figures: a Gentle Tailwind

Page: 32

National Public Radio: Interference

Page: 33

Politics in Maine: Front LePage

Page: 34

Lexington: the Fiscal Purists Go Mad

Page: 38

Venezuela's Militia: a Caribbean Tripoli

Page: 44

Spain's Prime Minister: Exit Plan

Page: 58

Muslims in France: on a Mat and a Prayer

Page: 59

Turkish Foreign Policy: Erdogan's Lament

Page: 60

Charlemagne: Europe's Neighbours

Page: 63

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