The Economist 16 April 2011 Issue

The Drug War Hits Central America

Organised crime is moving south from Mexico into a bunch of small countries far too weak to deal with it

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Peru's Presidential Election: the Masses Blow a Raspberry

Voters engineer an unappealing choice between two contrasting populists, Ollanta Humala (above left) and Keiko Fujimori (right)

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China's Crackdown: Repression and the New Ruling Class

Page: 12

Nigeria's Elections: Democracy 1, Vote-Rigging 0

Page: 14

India and Foreign Investment: Fling Wide the Gates

Page: 16

Central America: the Tormented Isthmus

Page: 25

The Deficit: Rival Visions

Page: 31

Washington, DC: Blooming

Page: 34

Medicaid: in Treatment

Page: 36

Car Safety: Think Before you Speak

Page: 37

Cuba and America: Catch him if you Can

Page: 42

Japan's Crisis: Flailing

Page: 46

Banyan: the Finitude of Forests

Page: 50

America in Africa: a Light Footprint

Page: 53

Syria's Unrest: Boiling Over

Page: 54

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By Mithu Posted on 19 April 2011


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