The Economist 30 April 2011 Issue

The United States: What's Wrong with America's Economy?

Its politicians are failing to tackle the country's real problems. Believe it or not, they could learn from Europe

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America's Transport Infrastructure: Life in the Slow Lane

Americans are gloomy about their economy's ability to produce. Are they right to be? We look at two areas of concern, transport infrastructure and innovation

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The Revolt in Syria: Not so Easy

Page: 12

Britain's Voting System: Yes or No?

Page: 13

Cloud Computing: Break-ins and Breakdowns

Page: 14

Poland: a Place at the Top Table

Page: 15

Constitutional Reform: All Change

Page: 24

The 2012 Republican Primaries: Exit a Heavyweight

Page: 34

Canada's Election: Harper's Elusive Majority

Page: 37

Cuba's Cigar Industry: Smoked out

Page: 40

Japan's Politics: Rebuilding or Ruining?

Page: 43

Taiwan's Opposition: Just Ask the Public

Page: 44

The Battle for Libya: Pressure Points

Page: 50

Nigeria's Election: the Turbulent North

Page: 52

Coalition Woes: the One-Year Itch

Page: 58

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