The Magic behind Turning 50

7 December 2010 | In Lifestyle | The Art of Healing 1 December 2010 issue
Written by: Tina Mews
The Magic behind Turning 50

By age 50 we have arrived at an important threshold in our life-long journey of becoming and maturing. Like the cycles of the Moon, we have completed the uprising and expansive years of the waxing Crescent, which symbolically refers to the phase from youth until young adulthood. At midlife, we have reached the culmination of the Full Moon, the realisation of our authentic self. We have felt the drive force within us to make the necessary changes in order to feel more fulfilled. Turning age 50 is not only the beginning of a new decade, it is a rite of passage into the waning years, bringing into our consciousness the reality of a new type of being in the world.

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