Triathlete's World April 2011 Issue

Smells Like Team Spirit

The members of Team Freespeed on the many benefits of belonging

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Weighty Matters

There's such a thing as too much muscle, but not enough is worse

Page: 54 | -103 Likes | 0

The Art of a Fresh Start

How to keep your cool when it all kicks off-literally-around you

Page: 14

Lower Class

Not literal steps, obviously. They're exercises and they'll make you a stronger cyclist

Page: 16

Noises off

A little care and attention will ensure you zip along with barely a whisper

Page: 19

How to Breath Easier

Ever get the feeling your lungs just aren't pulling their weight?

Page: 35

Meat, your Maker

Consider it done

Page: 38

Eat your Words

17 smart food rules

Page: 41

Transform your Training

Swim, bike, run and maybe, just maybe, get some colour at a training camp

Page: 46

Worn out?

Relax, you'll go faster

Page: 52

On Test: Pool Goggles

See well, swim well

Page: 62

On Test: Training Books

Read yourself fitter and mentally stronger with these guides

Page: 67

33 Best UK Races of the Year

Our choice of events for the coming season. Get out your diary

Page: 72

The Family Way

Balancing kids, marriage and a triathlon life

Page: 80

'If I Can Do it, Anyone Can'

One politician has a dream

Page: 98

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