UNCUT May 2011 Issue

Heartbreak Kid

The New York Dolls' doomed guitarist remembered

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The Birth of the Grievous Angel

How a charming, rich young Elvis fan reinvented American roots music...we talk to the cosmic cowboy's early bandmates

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Uncut Meets

Page: 10

My Life in Music

Page: 13


Page: 14

Unsung Heroes

Page: 16

Paul Rodgers

The Free/Bad Company frontman on how he could have joined Deep Purple or The Doors

Page: 22

The Ride up

The making of the Oxford indie kings' 1990 'Ride' EP

Page: 26

Voices of a Generation

With their second album set-finally-for release, an exclusive, boldly confessional interview with Robin Pecknold and co. 'This album cost me my health. It took over my life.'

Page: 42

Ian Stewart

The Rolling Stones founder, road manager, and, 25 years after his death, still a major influences on the band. 'The daddy of us all' says Keef...

Page: 52

It's the End of the World and they Know it

Weird dynamics, spiritual sounds: we're in Duluth, Minnesota to meet the far-from-ordinary rock band

Page: 58

The Human League

Album by Album with Phil Oakey's synth-pop survivors

Page: 64

Wings over Europe

All aboard the bus! Pauland Linda's magical '72 tour

Page: 68

Stop me

Page: 130

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