Vegetarian Times April 2011 Issue

Weird Science

What you need to know about genetically modified foods.

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Hemp Seed

Wholesome hemp seed is a tasty source of protein, omega-3s, and antioxidants.

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Light & Luscious Asian Noodle Dishes

Page: 36

DIY Yogurt

Page: 44

Kinder, Gentler Gardening

Page: 52

Masa Harina

Page: 58

Detox Delicacies

Spring-clean your diet with eight fresh and natural detox foods.

Page: 60

Pizza Perfecta!

Celebrated chef Mario Batali shares his pizza-making secrets (and best vegetarian recipes).

Page: 66

1 Food 5 Ways: Onions

The ultimate veggie staple steps into the recipe spotlight.

Page: 74

The New Supper Club

Want to win over friends and loved ones to the delights of plant-based dining (and have fun doing it)? Start a veg supper club.

Page: 78

Supper Club

Page: 78

Holiday-Fabulous Main Dish

Page: 85

Mayim Bialik

Page: 92

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